What is Kivisense Try-on

About Kivisense Try-On

As the increase of the number of businesses that choose augmented reality(AR) to enhance the interface experience, which will bring an immersive shopping experience to customers and increase their buying confidence.

Kivisense Try-On emerged for the business that want to add AR experience to their online stores. You can create your AR scene for shoes with Kivisense Try-On and embed it to your website and App. The Kivisense Try-On will bring a better experience for your customer and boost the sales for your brand.

Create your Try-On scene for shoes

You do not need to learn coding and just simple clicks you can create your AR scene: upload your shoes model and thumbnail to Kivisense Try-On.

Please click this link to learn how to create AR try-on scene with Kivisense Try-On:

Constraints of AR Try-On for shoes

The AR Try-On algorithm for shoes adapt almost all medium and high smartphones introduced within these couple years.

Please note: some smartphone with low performance can not run the AR Try-On program smoothly because AR Try-On algorithm requires some essential performance on mobile devices.

Order the customization service

If you want to get a further AR try-on experience to conform to your brand style, please connect us by sales@kivisense.com.

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