Export shoes model from other applications

Use Autodesk® Maya® to export models in .fbx format

Additionally, we support the models from other 3D modeling applications with .fbx format.

In this video, we just use Autodesk® Maya® as an example and you can use the same method to export your models from Autodesk® 3ds Max® and Blender™ as well.

The unit of models should be set in centimeters

In order to give users a reference, we have given a set of example models of shoe boxes, left shoes, right shoes, and masks (mainly adjusting the initial position of the shoes, the length and rotation value of the shoe box), and uploading them to the platform Finally, you can have a better default fitting effect.

Click the link to download the sample model:

You can upload the sample model as shown below to see the effect:

Shoe model upload:

Mask file upload:

You can also refer to this set of models and place other shoes into this shoe box to adjust the initial position. I hope everyone can achieve the ideal try-on effect~

Use AR Model Editor to export models in glb format

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