Automated 3D Scanning and Modeling

No special equipment is required and anyone can easily create automated 3D models via their iPhone cameras.

Images Acquisition

Scan and detect the information of your 3D objects (photos) with our Kivicube Scanner.

APP Installation

  • Only available on iPhone with A9 processor or later

  • Only available with iOS 15 or later

Download it here:

NOTE: When you click on it for the first time, a prompt will appear like the one above. Simply go to your Home screen, click on "Settings>“General” > “VPN and Devices Management”. Then click on "Weily Interactive Technology Co., Ltd." in the "ENTERPRISE APP" and trust it.

The APP will expired on July 28, 2022 and you can reinstall it.

Object Introductions

Instructions for Object Scanning

  • Put the object on a motionless and pure white board. A mini-photo-studio is recommended for you.

  • Light: ensure the light is well-lit from all sides and avoid the dimming light or shades. Buying supplementary lights will be a great option for you.

  • Shooting: Cover even and comprehensive with multiple perspectives, including elevation, head-up, 45-degree overlooking and 90-degree overlooking. 18-36 photos are recommended for each perspective, a total of 72-144 photos is recommended. But the total number of photos is not recommended to exceed 200, and all photos in each perspective of photos are separated at the same angle.

  • Image quality: The the camera should close to the object as possible and ensure the subject in your photos as complete as possible. Please ensure that the shooting is no out of focus, motion blur and shake blur as much as possible.

  • Other: During taking photos, don’t put the camera behind the glass. If you want to shoot the bottom of the object, please flip the object and continue shooting.

As shown in the figure below

  • Build a studio to ensure the scanned object on the motionless white plane.

  • Make the light of the object even and soft via multiple supplementary lights.

  • The object is put on a wheel so that it can be took with a certain angle of each rotation.

  • The shooting device is fixed to the tripod in order to make the shooting without out of focus, motion blur and shake blur.

As shown in the figure below

Shooting at a certain perspective, it is to ensure that the previous picture overlaps more than 70% of the latter picture, which is convenient for the program to calculate and model.

As shown in the figure below

It is showing the perspectives that need to take photos from. The reason for why taking photos from multiple perspectives to collect the images as many as possible is let the program collects image data from all perspectives is to ensure the model will be generated with a good quality. If there is some missing angle image data, the program will calculate some invalid data, resulting in the model with errors.

Examples of object image acquisition data sets

Examples of object image acquisition - Shoes

Step1. Place the mobile phone at 0 ° on horizontal direction, the wheel turns once and take 18-36 photos.

Step2. Place the mobile phone 45°, the wheel turns once and take 18-36 photos.

Step3. The mobile phone is placed at 90°, the camera shoots at the shoe socket, and the wheel rotates half a circle and shoot 18-36 pieces.

Step4. Put the shoes on the side lay, the mobile phone is 0°-15°, the wheel turns once and shoot 18-36 pieces.

Step5. Put the shoes on the side lay, put the mobile phone 45°, the wheel turns once and shoot 18-36 pictures. When shooting overlooking 45°, make sure that the picture can see both the upper and outer soles.

APP Introductions

Click the "M" button in the lower right corner to switch to "A" and take photos automatically. The program will take one photo every 3 seconds.

Export images datas of your objects

Open the "File" APP and find the “Model scanned by Kivisense " folder, then you will see the Captures folder. Tap on the previously collected object image data and select a folder for long press to share it to your Mac via Airdrop.

Generate Models

Email the scanned object image data to

At present, the model is temporarily generated and processed by Kivisense Officially. Then the model will be to you with .glb and .USDZ format.

APG is coming soon, a tool to generate models that can directly generate .usdz model files with different maps and triangle numbers, then optimize and compress the size of maps, and convert model formats, after that will provide Kivicube engine experience links or .glb model files.

The grade of models is showing in the below table.

The triangles will be different as the different objects.

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